Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom in Orlando Fl

This park is not your typical theme park with regard to how Disney usually does them.  Oh, it has all the theme park themed stuff, and its definitely a Disney show, but the focus is on the Animals and the habitats they came from.  There is an Asia section, Africa, and so on.  Some animals are kept at a distance, while others are mere inches away.  In the case of the birds they even fly freely overhead.  The highlight, for me at least, is always the Safari tour.  Its a ten minute ride through Africa, replete with Elephants, Giraffes, monkeys, gazelle, ostrich, and so on.

In most cases the animals have a good bit of room to roam, plenty to snack on, and other animals to interact with.  As with most zoo style environments they are not free to roam endlessly of course, but they are healthy, relaxed, and active, which is pretty good.  Some zoos I have seen keep the animals, built for thousands of miles per year of roaming, in small cages or pens where they can barely get a nice jog in from time to time.  At least here they appear to have a nice area to roam and relax.