Services Offered

The short version:  Digital Photography and Video Production

The long version:  My preference is to support the creative efforts of others through my equipment and knowledge of that equipment, as well as collaboration on the overall ideas and approaches.  Whether I need to provide everything end to end for my own production, or act as a camera assistant, at this time I am happy to do whatever is required and helpful to you.  I am, admittedly, new to this industry.  I am also enthusiastic, well equipped for most things, and have a deep technical background which helps me learn quickly when faced with new situations.  Probably the best thing I bring to the table is a different approach.  I am happy to learn new ideas and approaches while looking for new and creative ways to accomplish a given task.

It should be understood I do not operate in a ‘promise everything and then learn it’ mode.  If I am not confident I can provide the services I say so up front.  If you still want me for that responsibility it is with the understanding I am not proficient and there should be no surprises in that regard.  I do not promise what I am not confident I can deliver.  Below is the most honest list of capabilities you will find in this industry…

Core offerings:

  1. Motion Control via the KesslerCrane CineDrive system.  Details around this will be provided soon, but I have 20 feet of track for the system, and pan/tilt/slider/focus and zoom control.  Depending on the shoot the method used to support the track will vary.  With sufficient notice this can be solved easily.
  2. Camera Operator using my Canon 5d Mark 3.  If not using my camera I would need time with your camera of choice to learn it so I am not offering that as yet.  At this time I do not have a shoulder rig/stabilization for the camera, so this would be tripod mounted, slider mounted, or motion control mounted.  I will probably be adding the MoviM5 or a basic shoulder rig soon if the need arises, it has not yet though.
  3. I can fill the gap if audio is needed, but it is not a primary offering.  I have the Sennheiser MKH-416 shotgun mic, smart lav microphone (works great with an iphone and the rhode recording app, very clear and solid) and the Zoom H6, and a boom pole but this would be a last resort for production situations.
  4. Photography: This spans the gamut from simple headshots to family photos, realestate photos, architectural, commercial, product, etc.  Events, like weddings, probably not, but if you are willing, I will be happy to do my best for you.