Photography, the technical side of it, is overwhelming to many.  There are tons of options on the modern cameras, lots of vendors with their buzzwords, and a nearly infinite combination of technologies involved in getting the image from your head to the final picture that you print or otherwise share.

So to help with all of that I will begin producing my take on all of this.  This is based on what I have learned through my own research and experience so far.

Some of this will be based on my opinion, such as the Raw vs Jpg debate.  The opinion, in my opinion, is based on facts but everyone has their own opinion of my opinion.

If I get a fact wrong, absolutely let me know so it can be researched and corrected if necessary.

I do not favor one brand over another, though I have gravitated toward Canon.  Investing in a camera is not a trivial thing, and once you choose your path its a bit cheaper to stick to that path.  But, there is nothing wrong at all with Nikon either, both are well proven brands with decades of experience and large loyal customer bases.  Both have their strengths, as well as weaknesses of course.  You would need to know me to fully understand, but even if I had some kind of sponsorship from a brand they would not get favorable reviews or opinions just because they compensate me.  In my twisted view of the world I feel honest feedback is beneficial, even if it is criticism.  That criticism can be channeled into product improvements to address the shortcomings, if justified.

My hope is that this site becomes a resource for photographers of all skill levels, and hopefully we all continue to learn new tricks to our craft.

Enjoy.  This section will continue to grow with new posts weekly or hopefully more often.