Welcome to the new site.  Yes, its somewhat bare, that is being fixed as we speak… well you hopefully know what I mean.

JDB | VISUALS is all about visually engaging imagery, whether video or photography.  I am not fully up to speed, everything is evolving as quickly as I can make it happen.  I have some ideas, they may fly, they may flop, but its the journey right?

For the moment the primary content is going to be photography.  Portraits, wildlife, local attractions and landscapes, that sort of thing.  Beyond that I will also be producing reviews and some educational material as well, all related to the visual arts.  Also I hope to produce some interviews with other local artists, giving insights into their work and vision.

So, let me get back to work on filling in the site with content, and creating new content, and we will have a fun site to visit often.


Doug Bonomo