Hawaii is on most people’s bucket list of places to go, and rightly so.  In the islands you have a wide range of unique landscapes, amazing beaches, clear water, friendly locals, and so much more.  The primary income of Hawaii is tourism so they do it the best they can.  On this trip I went to the big island of Hawaii itself.  I spent about a week on the Kona side, and then a few more days on the Hilo side.  The two are completely different.  Most obviously is the difference in rainfall.  I’m not talking about a few inches per year difference.  The east side of the island, the Hilo side, gets 20x the rainfall of the west (Kona) side.  The result is a lush growth of forest and plants that is truly unbelievable.

Next you have the other obvious thing… This is where the volcanoes live.  And they are active.  There are mainly 2, they erupt in an alternating cycle.  If one is going then the other probably won’t.  They don’t explode they just ooze their lava goodness all over the country side so they are as safe as a live volcano can be, and for photographers, very fun.

Because of the huge elevation changes coupled with the equally amazing rainfall, you get another fun thing, waterfalls.  And these are epic.  They are entirely rain driven and it rains daily in buckets.

And finally, the coastlines.  The Pacific Ocean is a powerful place, which means waves.  And those waves hitting the lana lined coast creates some great scenery with loads of energy.

I will be back.  I never thought I would be interested in this place, but I can certainly appreciate how this is such a hot destination.

Some pics I took while here are in the gallery.